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Alchemize your magic into passive cycles of wealth

We turn your soul-led work into passive income flows that broaden your impact, deepen your potency and make your life even more effortless.

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Our Vision

A new standard of divine feminine leadership where we live in our magic — all the time


In the clouds — that’s where you’re most potent. That’s where you belong.

The Passive Income Agency exists so you can stay in the clouds, at all times.

You stay in immersion with your soul’s purpose and endless magic.

We alchemize your expression into passive streams of infinite impact, abundance and flow.

The soul-aligned strategy, the magnetic visuals, the expansive systems… We take care of it all.

And you? You flow.

Your magic made timeless, as the world needs it to be.

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Turning your soul-led work into sacred art

We’re a multi-dimensional team redefining an industry that’s been reduced to soulless, dated marketing gimmicks.

Building passive wealth streams is our art — and we express it through mastery of business alchemy, deep healing modalities, mesmerizing visuals, and superflow systems.

Business coaching
Business strategy
Launch strategy
Funnel strategy
Brand design
Website design

Sales funnel design
Social media design
Creative direction
Project management
Monthly retainers
Healing modalities

From spark to passive cycles of wealth

The Alchemize — Anchor — Archive Process

The work we do in The Passive Income Agency is powered by our soul-driven process, Alchemize — Anchor — Archive. We know cookie-cutter solutions do not belong in your world. This is how everything we build flows from your unique magic.

Step #1: Plan

Alchemize Your Magic

We extract the stars in your business universe and identify the constellation underneath. Then we chart your Alchemized Plan to ignite passive cycles of wealth.

Step #2: Creation

Anchor Your Magic

Your Alchemized Plan brought to life as a beautiful passive wealth system. Whether the journey involves coaching, healing, or our signature creative services — this is where everything is created.

Step #3: Ongoing Support

Archive Your Magic

With the systems in place, your every idea can be turned into passive wealth cycles — effortlessly. This is an ongoing collaboration: You dream and create. We alchemize and repurpose.

Our Special Touch

Our magic amplifies  yours

Unmatched expertise + unique perspective: that’s our signature blend. We read the energetics of your business and soul, and tap into your unique magic. And from that canvas, we strategize, design, and build.

We create solutions to delight clients, broaden impact, and ignite passive wealth cycles. More importantly, we create solutions to grow with you.

Clean, easy, simple. Every new download turned into passive wealth, effortlessly. Our systems are timeless and easy to expand. They’re designed to support your next idea — and every single new idea after that.

You create, dream, and channel.
And as you flow, our work flows with you.

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Let's Alchemize Your Magic

Alchemize Your Magic is a 90-minute session to tune into the magic of your soul-led business and map the path to its passive wealth potential — with our founder and passive income sorceress, Nicholette von Reiche.

You’ll walk away from this session with a custom Alchemized Plan

The Alchemized Plan is a personalized blueprint outlining how to create or amplify your passive wealth streams. We will:

  • Explore the energetics of your business and sharpen the vision for its universe 
  • Turn your magic into offers with exponential passive wealth potential
  • Map the strategy, assets and systems needed to create your passive wealth streams

If one conversation can change the trajectory of your business universe, it's this one.

How it works

All projects with The Passive Income Agency start with the Alchemize Your Magic session.

Book yours using the button below. When it's time for our session, show up with your favorite drink and a notebook — get ready to make some magic.

Includes access to the session recording. Have questions?  Send me a note here.

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"Beyond what I had expected!"

I thought it would be a general chat about my business and I’d walk away with a few new ideas for products and services. What actually transpired during the session was nothing short of magical and wildly transformative.

Nicholette has an incredibly powerful aura that wraps itself around you and literally lifts you to a higher frequency. She shares her potent energetic codes in a way that leaves you changed and full of ideas and visions for the future of your business. I walked away with a hugely upgraded vision for my life and the direction of my business, one which I am already stepping into with ease and clarity. Nicholette gives you space to discern how you feel about what she sees for your business without being overwhelming. 

Since that session, we have been working towards my 7 figure business and I feel excited, safe, and held by Nicholette’s energy as I walk this new path.

— Becca Francis, Becca by Human Design

By Nicholette von Reiche

Your Passive Income Sorceress
Founder & CEO of The Passive Income Agency

To take over the pieces that pull you away from the clouds.
To alchemize your offers into passive cycles of wealth and impact.
To be a sorceress for your magic while you play in the field of superflow.

That’s the mission, love. And we do it because of you.

You’re magnetic, multi-passionate, multi-dimensional… Revolutionary.

You float with ideas. You intuit, download, channel and expand — and you do it fast. So when you flow, you mesmerize.

You set new standards for how women create and run their businesses. You raise the frequency of your business.

You change the world.

More magic, more impact, more wealth — repeat.

That’s the passive wealth cycle. Let us ignite it for you. 

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