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I don’t know about you, babe, but I’m a total sucker for anything with that ‘before and after’ element. Home renos. Makeover montages in chick flicks (Anne Hathaway still did it best in The Princess Diaries, if you ask me). And of course, everyone’s fave, Queer Eye!

There’s something so magical and transformative about a makeover — especially in business, where the simplest of changes can make such a BIG difference. 

What may look like a simple font swap or color change on the outside usually involves a lot of brand soul searching and strategy on the inside. And, when done right, these branding changes can totally transform your business — from giving you more authority in your niche, to delivering a better user experience that gets you MORE leads + conversions. 

Are you ready, friend? Cause we’re about to have a Queer Eye moment up in here.


A bit of background on Grid + Glam

Friend, meet Corinne. 

Corinne is the founder of Grid + Glam and is an amazingly talented professional organizer in Boston. She's a total superstar, and has even been featured in the Boston Globe! When we met, she was already running crazy successful organizing bootcamps on Facebook on top of her in-person services. 

Corinne started her business after spending an entire year organizing her own home, top to bottom. She was completely inspired by all the time, joy, and fulfillment that getting organized allowed her to reclaim in her life, and she created Grid + Glam to help other women achieve the same results.

"Grid + Glam is the brainchild of my perfectionist tendencies and organization addiction. Its name comes from the perfect marriage of functionality (grid) and aesthetics (glam) — because I know that you want your home to look perfect, but it also has to function for your day-to-day life … and everything it throws at you."


The Goal of Corinne's Brand Redesign

Corinne and I connected because she was looking for a rebrand. She had spent so much time and effort elevating the Grid + Glam brand presence, but the visual identity she'd started with no longer did it justice. It was time for a brand redesign. 

Corinne wanted to freshen up her look and make her brand look prettier and more professional. She loves her community and wanted to make sure they had a powerful first impression of Grid + Glam from that very first touchpoint.

But what we ended up doing together was SO much more than that!  

Watch the video below for a little sneak peek at her brand transformation: 



Before the Brand Redesign

At first, Corinne was relying on Wordpress for her website and Facebook for her bootcamps. It worked, but everything was a bit scattered. Her website was functional and gave her a place to connect with her tribe online , but it didn’t represent the elevated brand she’d established for Grid + Glam:

On top of her visual redesign, I knew we needed to move her over to Kajabi so that we could not just redesign her website, but also transform the way she runs her online bootcamps. And, of course, she needed an amazing launch to go with it.

If you’ve ever switched platforms in your own biz, you know that there are plenty of ins and outs to deal with. But all the hard work was so, so worth it.


After the Brand Redesign (THE BIG REVEAL!)

Drum roll, please… 

As you can see in the big reveal above, we made subtle but powerful changes to the Grid + Glam brand in the redesign, so it still looks familiar to her tribe while delivering a more elevated visual presence. The new Kajabi site is way more streamlined, visually attractive, and directs her visitors exactly where she needs them to go to get all the need-to-know info.

As her visual brand manager and strategist, I trained Corinne and her team on how to use Kajabi, brought all her content over to the new platform, and built a membership site that would really take her business to the next level. Then, I helped her plan and implement a beta launch for the new ‘G+G Membership’.

I also gave the Grid + Glam Canva dashboard a complete makeover, so everything was WAY more organized for Corinne and her team. At the same time, I went into her old designs and updated them so they perfectly matched the gorgeous branding on her new website. 

Cause you know me, friend — I’m ALL about that consistency. 😉


Grid + Glam Today 

On the outside, you can see that Corinne’s external brand is so much more polished and professional. But, just like when the Fab 5 work their magic, this brand redesign transformation was about wayyyyyyy more than what’s on the outside. 

What you don’t see is:

  • A one-week launch that brought in nearly 200 members and over $30K in revenue
  • A more streamlined website back-end that allows the Grid + Glam team to work more efficiently 
  • The incredible value of owning your own membership site (and not relying on an external platform like Facebook)
  • A superior experience for Corinne’s clients and members, especially now that she can spend more time focusing on the parts of her business that really matter

When you’re used to doing everything on your own (as most of us online entrepreneurs are), bringing someone on board to help you transfer your site to a new platform, update your visual branding, or organize your Canva account may seem like a luxury. 

But taking that plunge can not only boost your confidence (because you now have a visual presence that totally matches your ah-ma-zing brand), it can also boost your sales.

A more consistent brand that resonates with your ideal clients can make you appear more professional and trustworthy, and that can have a HUGE impact on your bottom line, babe! 🤑 


Waiting for your makeover moment?

I won’t lie, friend. Tooting my own horn feels weird. But this before and after moment feels way too good not to share. 

I know there are so many amazingly talented women out there — just like Corinne — who have big, bold, beautiful visions for their business, but struggle to create a visual brand to support it. Not to mention internal systems + biz strategies that allow for streamlined, effortless growth.

But I want you to know that with the right systems and support, you can bring that vision to life. You + your biz are capable of so much more than you ever imagined. And sometimes all it takes is small changes — as long as they’re the right ones.

Whether you want to totally uplevel your brand, launch a Kajabi site, or are just looking for some strategic support for the next step in your business, I’d love to chat about how I can help. 

Click here to connect with me, or feel free to pop me an email at any time at [email protected]. Let's find out if we’re the perfect match.

To powerful brands, streamlined systems, and makeovers that would make Johnathan Van Ness proud.

“Yasssss queen”.

xo, Nicholette

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