Michelle Lynne Branding + Design Project [Client Spotlight]

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The very best part of what we do is helping our clients bring their vision to life. 

We love taking the time to sit down with our clients to brainstorm + dream about the future of their business. And once we start talking about their vision, values + goals — the real magic of what they do — we can start working to transform their business from the inside out. 

And then, getting to share about their AMAZING transformations with you… it really is the best. 😍

So, let me introduce you to one of our VIP Design clients, Michelle.

A Bit of Background on Michelle

Michelle is the super talented Interior Designer and Business Coach behind Michelle Lynne Interiors and Designed for the Creative Mind. She believes you can have fun, keep it real, AND be successful in business. 

She specializes in teaching interior designers how to run their businesses instead of their business running them. Because she knows it IS possible to run a profitable business and still have time to enjoy a rich life… WITHOUT trading time for money.

“Hi, I’m Michelle Lynne - Owner of the 7-figure Design Firm ML Interiors Group. I’m here to change the industry and help interior designers make five and six-figure leaps. When I started my firm, it took me a while to figure out how to run an interior design business profitably - without running myself into the ground. Once I figured out the secret sauce — simple, elegant processes for doing great work AND making great money — I knew I had to share it with other designers, since no one was willing to do that for me.”

I could tell you so much more about Michelle and her amazing business,  but I’d rather SHOW you...

The Goal of Michelle’s Project

When Michelle reached out to us, she was preparing to launch her brand new program, The Interior Design Business Bakery. She knew she wanted to develop a brand for Designed for the Creative Mind that would give her more authority and deliver a better user experience for clients, ultimately driving more leads and conversions into her program. 

We determined that she needed to…

  • Brand her visual presence,
  • Design the graphics for her launch + programs, 
  • Create a new Facebook Group with graphics + a new lead magnet
  • Design a workshop landing + thank you page
  • Design her new sales page, AND
  • Create an on-brand program inside of Kajabi.

If you know me, then you know her design punch list was right up my alley. 😉

Michelle’s New Branding + Canva Graphics

Are you ready to see Michelle’s NEW Designed for the Creative Mind brand?!

Drum roll, please…

I mean come on. If this doesn’t give you major  😍 vibes, I’m not sure what will!

Between the time we spent on her brand discovery call and the information we got from her pre-project branding questionnaire, our team was able to develop a brand that truly encompassed Michelle’s heart + vision. Her new branding is high-end and luxe.

On top of having a beautiful new set of brand guidelines, Michelle walked away from our project with graphics and Canva templates that her team could use right away in her business. 

Her Canva account went from looking like this… 

To this...

Imagine having beautiful, consistent visuals like Michelle’s without having to spend hours and hours to do it. 😍 We were SO excited to be able to give that to her!

Michelle’s New Sales Page Design

Once we finalized Michelle’s branding, it was time to move on and create a sales page that matched. Her program, The Interior Design Business Bakery, is an intimate 12-month group coaching program where brilliant designers learn to grow their businesses.

Michelle's offer is hugely transformational, and she's helped her interior design clients DOUBLE their revenue and profits. Crazy, right?! I'm so, so excited that she finally has a sales page that showcases this program in the best way possible. Check it out here.

Michelle’s New Kajabi Program Design

We can’t stop with a sales page, though. Part of what we do at Nicholette Styles is ensuring that your clients are taken on a journey through your sales funnel — with each step feeling clear, cohesive + on-brand!

We got to rebuild Michelle’s Kajabi program so it would deliver the same high-end experience that her sales page did. From the program portal design + onboarding experience to the welcome emails + PDF downloads, we were so excited to bring all of the pieces together for her.

Are you ready for a revamp, too?

Over the course of our time together, we created a brand for Michelle’s coaching business that reflects the high-end results she gets for her clients, so she could have more authority online, deliver a better client experience, and drive more leads and conversions for her business.

Does Michelle’s story resonate with you, love? I wanted to introduce you to her to show you exactly what’s possible.

You CAN make a bigger visual impact online — one that has a direct impact on your bottom line — without working tirelessly to figure it out on your own.

My one-on-one services are the perfect option if you want to work with me as your designer and strategist to set up, style, + streamline your visual content for your business, programs, membership, or upcoming launch.

From launches to sales pages, streamlining your graphics to branding your membership, organizing your templates to prepping your next amazing masterclass — you can get your big ideas out into the world faster with less stress + and more celebratory champagne.

Click here to learn more about working with me, or feel free to email us at any time at [email protected]. Let's find out if we’re the perfect match.

To beautiful brands.

xo, Nicholette

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