My Top 5 Secrets for Creating an IGTV Channel People Love

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IGTV has officially become the new it thing + I’m seriously in love with everything about it.

But a lot of what I’ve been hearing is, “But, Nich, I’m stuck! How the heck do I come up with topics relevant to my peeps? How do I make this easy as pie so I don’t have yet another thing to add to my plate of biz tasks?”

That’s why today I wanted to share my Top 5 Secrets for Creating an IGTV Channel People Love.

Let’s go!



1. Brainstorm a List of Topics

At least 10, girl. You got this! If you’re stuck, think of things that people in your target audience would love to learn more about — don’t make this more complicated than it has to be.

Are you a health coach? A video on how to make your own celery juice without a juicer would be amazeballs.

Biz Strategist? How about a short vid on 5 practical ways to test interest? Or, how to sell (+ create) things your peeps actually want to buy?

Yoga Instructor? You could film a short flow people can do midday to keep them from their candy stash.

See? It really doesn’t have to feel like navigating the candy aisle of the grocery store with your kiddos!

2. Use Whatcha Got

Yep. Work what your mama (or you already) gave ya(self).

Have you already filmed hours of YouTube vid content + now feel pressured to come up with all new ish to promo on your IGTV channel? Take a deep breath + know you can repurpose that to work in your favor. #winning

Use a simple movie editor (I use Screenflow for desktop and iMovie for quick edits from my phone) + splice it up so you can upload to your channel!

And while we’re at it, you can repurpose blog/podcast/whatever else content too! People love a good video accompaniment nowadays + something they can watch while getting a pedi is da bomb.

3. Batch It Up

My one suggestion (for any social media postings, really) would be to do things in bulk! So if you’re filming/editing/whatever, block out a day or a few hours in a row that you can use just to focus on your channel.

Then, put it in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder so you can post them in an organized manner, rather than scrambling to put together a vid on-the-spot when your day is already cray cray.

5. Brand It, Brand It Good

You know I’m alllll about branding, but it’s for good reason!

IGTV may not have to be as complicated as other video hosting platforms, but it should still be a source that you use to increase brand visibility and it can skyrocket your reputation.

Don’t have time to create graphics for each new vid? I feel ya, lady — that’s why I created this pack of IGTV goodies so you can keep doing what ya love without that pesky interruption.

And there you have my top tips, love! My Top 5 Secrets for Creating an IGTV Channel People Love

LET'S CHAT: Still have q’s about IGTV + how you can best utilize it for your biz? Pop ‘em in the comments + let’s chat! xo

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