The Best Ways to Sell Your Canva Templates

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You’ve done the hard part.

You’ve thought about how you can best help your ideal clients, created the templates in Canva + figured out how to sell them in your shop.

But the next part?

You’re still scrambling trying to figure out how to let your peeps know they’re ready to roll — without having to bombard them with cold calls or an expensive advertising campaign.



Wondering how to market your Canva templates, love?


First things first, email marketing.

Using your newsletter list is a must when getting your products out into the world.

Some advice:

  • For every blog post you write, whip-up a corresponding newsletter that gives value but leads them to ONE clear call-to-action…
  • Which reminds me: Always have a CTA! And make it extremely clear what it is —  using fun branded buttons is great for this.
  • Create email campaigns. Email campaigns typically have a sequence of 3-5 emails that all feed into each other to lead to an ultimate goal.
  • Show how your audience can use your templates in their own lives +/or businesses. Keep upcoming holidays/the time of year in mind.
  • Make sure your emails are optimized for mobile — a recent study showed 59% of all emails were opened on mobile devices!
  • Use emojis! Don’t overdo them with the heart eyes in every other sentence, but even adding one to your subject line can increase open rates.


Next up: Work on SEO

SEO is a fabulous way to get more eyes on your site with the fun part being it has the ability to attract a lot of people that aren’t necessarily in your circle yet (like the peeps who come to your site from social).  I use to roll my eyes at this acronym 🤢 but now I focus on these key things and it's so much easier to stomach. ;)

I recommend downloading the Yoast plug-in — it provides an easy, accessible way for even the less techie of us to work on our search engine optimization.

Also, keep in mind:

  • How you word your blog’s title + copy.

For example:

A good title: 5 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

A bad title: 5 Ways I Write For Business Owners

  • The keywords you use in your product descriptions. What are people searching for when they go to find your product? If you’re unsure, ask! Get to those handy dandy Facebook groups + see what comes up —  you may just be surprised at what you find.
  • Site copy like the blurbs you have in your sidebar, “about” page + tidbits in your footer. The better keywords you use, the more likely it is to get picked up by Google, which can increase Page Rank, which can increase read rate, which can increase profit.



Third things third, make buying easy.

I’ve made the mistake of playing hard to get or thinking they'll get it. But you have to SPELL it out and tell people what to do. I've skipped adding a "Click here to buy" and I paid the price, literally.

Some tips to make buying better for your customers?

  • Have an easy check out (3 steps/clicks max). Tons of steps and page clicks reduce the likelihood that your buyer will complete the process, and forget to circle back. Eliminate what’s not needed + have a biz bestie go through your checkout to test the ease of purchase.
  • Offer multiple ways to pay. When you offer more than one way to buy from you, you’re opening yourself up to more people who will buy from you — just don’t overwhelm them (or yourself!). Card + PayPal is the magic duo, IMO. And I like to offer “pay in full” and a payment plan for my larger options.
  • Give users more than one link to buy from. For instance, having a “shop” page on your site is helpful (and a total must!) but having social posts, links in blogs + clickable visuals in your email campaigns can be the real money makers — visuals are magic like that ;)


Fourth, Batch Products.

Selling a template one-by-one is great — get that cash, girlfriend! But batching? It’s where the real big wigs come into play.

Think of what would make your customer’s lives (or visuals) easier.

As an example, you can see I have a bundle to stand out on social + a FB group bundle.

This will encourage your peeps to buy more and also provide a heck ton more value.

Can I get a woot woot?!


Last, but certainly not least, utilize those customer reviews!

One of the most crucial things to remember in business is that people buy from people.

Use your positive customer feedback on your social media feeds, get video testimonials + post them on your “reviews” page/section and feature them on product pages so that people who are on the cusp of buying are more highly encouraged.

And don’t forget, to get customer reviews, you have to ask!

A great way to get these are through emailing individuals who have bought + explaining how grateful you are for them. Then, ask if they’d mind writing/recording a short blurb on why they enjoyed your templates.

Many people (especially when your market is primarily other business owners!) are more than happy to support people they value + trust.

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