What is IGTV?

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How many times have you wanted to watch a vid that a biz babe you love posted, but didn't have a whole 45-mins to commit to her goodness? 👇

Que my latest obsession: IGTV.

And if you're wondering:  "should I set up my channel, how do I do it? how is it different, what do I share and should you brand your channel?" - you're totes in the right place. 


What is IGTV?

It’s a platform on Instagram that allows you to upload videos for your followers to watch while they’re in-app,  so they can pop-in while they’re waiting in the parent pick-up line or at their Saturday morning DryBar appointment 💓

It allows you to deliver that mad value, speak to your tribe like you would a girlfriend + ultimately, get in front of your audience (new + existing) more often!

Watch the video below to learn why it's making me do a happy dance in my office chair.

Here’s why I’m loving it:

  • It gives you a fun way to show off your personality — people love to connect with PEOPLE!
  • A whole new way to share quick tidbits
  • Brings about a fresh way to provide brand recognition and add value into the lives of new and existing followers
  • It’s a great way to connect with your tribe in a new + different way

The name of the game

The algorithm works the same for IGTV as it does for the grid + the more engagement you can get, the more likely your video is to be seen.

Encourage hearts, comments + shares like you would on an IG Live + always give your peeps something to WANT to share or come back to learn about. 

Quick + easy overview:

  • Shows up on the left-hand side of your handle so it’s the first thing other than your pic and intro that your peeps see
  • You can download the IGTV app or simply set up your channel inside of the Insta - click on the IGTV icon and + to create your channel
  • It’s meant for vertical viewing - viewing from your phone
  • You can copy the link of your video and share it in other places
  • Press on the three ... dots to add comments or access your analytics
  • Viewers can comment, love, share, browse, pause + "continue watching"
  • Content/ videos don't disappear after 24 hours
  • Browse by "for you, following, popular and continue watching"
  • It's easy to set up and get started! Pinky promise!
  • In addition to uploading from your phone (or Planoly) you can upload directly from Desktop
  • See the IGTV video requirements here

Tips for setting up like a pro!

  • Content is King:
    Give incredible tips + tricks, but give people another place to check your 'ish out if they want more — a blog, a newsletter sign-up, etc.
  • Remember Brand Recognition!
    Still, use graphics that showcase your brand + keep your voice as-is.
  • Use what you have 
    Use and shorten current videos in a movie editor. Add a well-designed thumbnail if you feel called to.
  • Be flexible
    If your movie needs to be watched in horizontal view add an image to run through the back of it and keep it that way!

Have you tried IGTV in your biz yet? If not, what’s holding you back? Loving it? Share your best tip in the comments!

Wanna hit IGTV gold?

Share great content + high-value videos that showcase YOU as the expert and helps to educate, entertain and empower your peeps in just a few short minutes. Learn more!

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