Why Canva Templates are the HOTTEST Digital Products Right Now [How to Sell Canva Products - Part 1 of 4]

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In this ‘How to Sell Canva Products’ blog series, I’m sharing four weeks worth of things to think about if you’re considering selling Canva Products in your business! Each post in the series will give you a little bit more information about WHY and HOW to start selling Canva Products, so you can decide if it’s the best next step for your business.

You may have noticed that Canva Templates are starting to pop up for sale EVERYWHERE. (There's a good reason for it, too. 😉) But this hasn’t always been the case, friend. When I started my Canva business, Canva templates for business owners weren’t even really a thing.

Every business owner in my circle was doing the same thing: spending hours and hours creating graphics from scratch OR spending tons of money to have a professional do it for them. There was no in-between... 😬

I knew that there needed to be a better solution. I was already creating graphics for my own business using Canva, and I slowly started turning those designs into templates of my own. This helped me keep things beautiful and consistent, while also saving me tons of design time.

Not long after, I started creating graphics for clients. I called myself a Canva designer, and got some eye rolls. Designing all of your business graphics in Canva was still a new concept in those days, and people were a bit skeptical. How times have changed, am I right?!

Templating my designs allowed me to create gorgeous, on-brand, eye-catching graphics for my clients in way less time. And I quickly realized how much of an impact these templates could make if more business owners had them too. 

And so sparked the idea for The Canva Template Shop. 😉 As they say — the rest is history!

In this post, I want to tell you some of the reasons WHY Canva Templates have become the hottest digital product on the market today — and show you how
you can use it to your advantage.

Why are Canva Templates the HOTTEST digital products right now?

In case you’re new around here, Canva is a free, drag + drop graphic design platform that makes graphic design feel simple and easy. And Canva Templates have taken the entire platform a step further. 

If you already know + love the magic 🔮 of Canva Templates, I think it’s pretty obvious why they can be a #gamechanger for business owners… but there are three big reasons that they’ve seriously dominated the digital marketplace over the last few years.

Reason #1: They work in ANY industry.

There are SO many other business owners out there from a huge variety of industries who are making money selling Canva templates — myself included!

I have TWO entire shops dedicated to selling Canva Templates: The Canva Template Shop and The Launch Template Shop.

I created these products to serve two completely different audiences at two very different stages in their entrepreneurship journey — which naturally meant I could create two different shops to sell them in! 

It just goes to show that there are ENDLESS ideas and endless people to serve with your Canva templates. Which brings me to the next reason Canva templates are such amazing products...

Reason #2: There are ENDLESS options.

If you do a quick search on a platform like Creative Market and Etsy, you will see that there are Canva templates for just about everything.

 Just to name a few of the types of templates, you can find:

  • Workbooks + Worksheets
  • eBooks
  • Printables
  • Instagram Graphics
  • Facebook Page Graphics
  • Facebook Group Graphics
  • Pinterest Graphics
  • Course Companions
  • Content Upgrades
  • Stationary Sets
  • Journal Pages
  • Client Onboarding Kits
  • Media Kits
  • Webinar Slides
  • Digital Icons
  • Email Headers
  • Checklists

In other words, just about every single visual in a business can be created using a Canva Template. 

There are hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs who are making money selling unique Canva products, because the opportunity is literally endless. So don’t let the competition sway you, love. By taking one look at this list, your eyes should be opened to the endless possibilities for potential Canva products! 

Reason #3: EVERY business owner needs them.

There has never been more demand for Canva templates than now. 

4.4 million businesses were started in the United States alone in 2020 — and guess what? They all need graphics if they want to advertise their products and services. 

Not all of those business owners have an eye for design or the time it takes to spend hours designing and tweaking graphics from scratch. That’s where Canva templates come in! 

Canva Pro even doubled its subscriptions during Covid, which just goes to show that more and more people are waking up to the magic of Canva and Canva Templates.

Think about it this way. We use templates all the time, in our biz and in our day-to-day lives. The Trello board you duplicate for every new project? That’s a template. The plug-and-play landing page designs you use, so you don’t have to start from scratch? Totally a template. Even your grocery list printable is a template! 

What we looooove about all these templates is that they streamline our lives. They shave hours off of whatever we’re doing, because we a) don’t have to start from scratch, and b) don’t have to fall into the internet rabbit holes looking for inspo. 

Canva Templates do the exact same thing for all the visuals in our businesses. Just plug content and brand elements into the existing format and voila! You have a gorgeous ebook, Insta post, Facebook banner, or whatever graphic you need in minutes (not hours or days). Which business owner doesn’t want that?!

(If you want to take a peek at some examples of Canva templates, you can check out my Canva Template Shop!)

“How do I jump on the Canva template train?!”

By now, I hope you’re convinced: Canva templates are making serious waves in the online business world. 

And the best part? Everyone (including you!) has what it takes to get started selling Canva products and get a piece of that passive-income pie. 🥧

If you're wondering what it takes to sell Canva products in your business, I’m so, so excited to tell you about The Canva Product Creator Kit.

The Canva Product Creator Kit gives you everything you could possibly need to create, launch, and sell your first Canva product.

It’s the exact step-by-step system that I’ve used to create countless products for The Canva Template Shop and turn it into a thriving, multi-6-figure business — and I’m sharing it with YOU so that you, too, can grow your impact and diversify your income streams with Canva products.

I’ve packaged it up in an easy-to-follow, zero fluff collection of trainings, templates and tools, so you can create, launch, and sell your first Canva product in as little as a week!

Click here to learn more about the kit.

I know you’ve got a genius Canva product inside of you, love… and I can’t WAIT to see what you create.

There’s more where that came from, friend.

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See you right here again soon!

xo, Nicholette

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